Private Appraisal from Appraisal Solutions

Appraisal Solutions is here to help!  Our office manager, Susan Magill, has been in the appraisal industry for well over 10 years.  Our Chief Appraiser, Bob Rochefort, has been appraising in the Salem market since 2003. He is certified and specializes in educating the homeowner along the appraisal process in determining the market value for your real estate, whether you need current value, retrospective value, or prospective value, or maybe you need to have a prior appraisal reviewed.

A private appraisal from Appraisal Solutions can be significantly less expensive than an appraisal from a lender, without sacrificing the quality.  Lenders have certain requirements that need to be met and there are federal regulations that accompany each and every report.  For a private appraisal, a simple desktop appraisal may meet your needs. Even if for personal use, we always follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which contains standards for appraisal practice and services. Whatever you choose, please understand we always remain objective and will give you an honest, supportable appraisal report reflective of the market.  

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