Appraisal Solutions: Home Measurements Services

This may surprise many of you reading this, but I cannot tell you the multiple times I have appraised a house and the actual measurements are significantly different than what the county assessor has for the same property!  The problem lies in the fact many real estate agents list what county has in the MLS (multiple listing service) as the square footage of the home! When agents do their market analysis to determine asking price, they base it on the estimated square footage of the home and what other similar homes in the neighborhood have been selling for based on price per square foot!  Uh Oh!! So, if the square footage is off, then the price is off!! This happens more often than most would believe. I appraised a home about a year ago and the square footage was off by over 1,000 square feet than what the MLS or county showed for the same property!! In this case, the buyer got more than what he thought he was getting because nobody bothered to verify the square footage!

We at Appraisal Solutions use a Disto Laser that is accurate within 1/16” up to 300 feet in any kind of weather!  Forget the old tape measure, we will use current technology to verify, with accuracy, the square footage of your home!  Call today! 503.764.8975

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