Appraisal Solutions: Get a Good Divorce Attorney and Appraiser

Divorces are a very difficult time in anyone’s life, especially when children are involved.  Home ownership is one of the biggest investments one will make in a lifetime, so liquidating that asset for the purpose of divorce is extremely difficult.  Whatever is decided to become of the house, it is absolutely necessary to know the market value, whether there is equity or not, being sold or if one party is keeping the home.  I recently worked with a divorcing couple to determine two dates of value; one for the date they were married, and one for the date they were divorcing. Since the home belonged to the one party before marriage, it was necessary to help determine the fair share each was due based on equity earned during the course of the marriage.

It is typical and understandable, that one party typically wants a very high value while the other party wants a very low value.  Please understand, that as a certified real estate appraiser, I am committed to the appraisal process and the objective results of the appraised value, and do not, under any circumstance, reflect my opinion based on who my client is, or who pays me.  My opinion of value is based on an objective analysis of the data available to me at the time.

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