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Appraisal Services

Get fast, market-based, independent appraisals so you can make smart, lucrative property
decisions. Whether you want to accelerate sales or build your own powerful real property
portfolio, we can help.

Mortgage Loan Appraisals

We understand that your success in obtaining a favorable loan rests on a thorough,
market-based opinion. We’re committed to helping you get the loan you need or the home you want.

Conventional Loans

We’re experts at these appraisals. We’ll help you with the best objective valuation for the property you want to buy.

FHA Loans

We’re here to help you achieve your dream of homeownership with an independent appraisal that meets the criteria.

VA Loans

You served to protect us…now, let us serve you. We can help you get into the house you deserve. You earned this!

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Asset Valuation Appraisals

We also provide market value opinions for all your asset appraisal needs, including:

  • Divorce

    Your ex wants how much? We’ll help you arrive at a fair division based on increased value during the term of the marriage.

  • Financial Planning

    You’ve worked hard and invested wisely in real property. Now’s the time to see how well that investment has paid off, so you can plan for your future. We can help.

  • Estate Planning and Trusts

    We’ll provide a comprehensive appraisal of your real property assets, so you know how best to protect your family and your legacy.

  • PMI Removal

    You’ve done it! You’ve paid down your mortgage, and now we’re ready to help you ditch that costly required mortgage insurance.

  • Date of Death and Estate Distribution

    We understand it’s stressful when someone has died. We’re happy to work directly with your probate attorney, so you can focus on your loved ones.

  • Bankruptcy

    We know it’s hard dealing with challenging finances. A solid appraisal will help you find your way out of the woods.

  • Pre-foreclosure 

    Is it a good deal or not? We can help you decide by providing you with an objective property valuation.

  • Property Tax Appeal

    Taxes too high? Let us help you get them down with a market-based value appraisal.

  • Private Appraisal

    Before you take steps to secure a loan, we can let you know what the property is really worth. Knowledge is power.

  • Second Opinion Appraisal 

    You don’t have to accept someone else’s appraisal report. We can provide you with a valuable second opinion.

  • Pre-Listing, Post-Listing, FSBO Appraisals

    You want to sell your property, fast and for as much money as possible. We can help you decide on a market-based sale price that motivates buyers.

  • Cash Purchases

    So you don’t need a loan? You still need to know the unbiased market value of the property you’re buying. Let us show you what it’s worth before you ever approach the seller.

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Additional Services

Rush Appraisals

Need an appraisal in a week or less? No problem! We’ll get your appraisal done fast and our report back to you in your time frame — so you can close your deal. Contact us now for a Rush Appraisal Quote.

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Home Measurement Services

Verifying home measurements could increase the MLS square footage figure — and your sale price — by thousands of dollars! Let us help you get precise measurements with our Disto Laser technology. Also valuable for tax appeals, rental paperwork, and developing floor plans.

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